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  • RÉDUIT LA DOULEUR AU GENOU - L'ajustement serré autour des genoux fournit une compression chaude à la zone en lui donnant le confort souhaité.

  • COMPRESSION RENFORCÉE - Les sangles de compression flexibles offrent un soutien antidérapant supplémentaire aux ligaments latéraux, aidant à stabiliser votre genou, réduisant le risque de blessure et favorisant la capacité des articulations.

  • CONCEPTION RESPIRANTE - Son tissu tricoté aéré est à la fois durable et particulièrement léger, s'adapte parfaitement et reste en place en toute sécurité.

  • IDÉALE POUR LE SPORT - Son manchon de compression élastique est de qualité supérieure, ce qui lui permet de toujours rester en place quelle que soit l'activité physique (course à pied, basketball, volleyball, crossfit, etc...)

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Product Material

Brich Wood

Product Color

Light brown




Paper Box


150 count & 5 extra plates


Serving parties, enjoying picnics, hosting barbecues and so much more!

FSC Certificate

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SGS Certificate

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BRC Certificate

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Focus on living not wasting...

"3 years ago I came across a picture of a 30 feet high plastic whale sculpture. It symbolized the amount of plastic trash that is being washed into our Oceans every second. I was shocked! I was aware plastic was a problem, but I was not aware of the rapid speed this was happening.

Our society has become extremely depended on single use plastic, that we are now drowning in it. Meanwhile many people are aware of the problem and are changing their habits. But if we want to avoid to have more plastic in our Oceans than fish, we also need to start thinking of ways to replace plastic in our daily lives."


30% of profits donated

Built by the forest, now we build the forest

Free shipping nationwide

Delivery is on us for all orders over $50

Money Back 100% Guarantee

Love it, or receive a full refund on all purchases

Why GemEco?

1. Where high-quality meets affordability

Gem-Eco compostable wooden cutlery is the perfect mix between quality, price, and environmental concerns to provide a unique and affordable plastic alternative. The cutlery is also smooth, strong and durable - which will impress any customers who ever laid their hands (or mouth) on it!

2. FSC certified products

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that sets the industry benchmark for forestry practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. GemEco wooden cutlery is crafted with FSC Certified birch wood, which means the wood and our factory has met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

3. Modern & minimal design

The look and feel of this cutlery set will surely satisfy the aesthetic need of your settings - whether it is a fast-food restaurant or a high-end catering party.

4. Make our products your products

Spread the environment-conscious message along with your own. GemEco also provides design and printing services for you to customize your own cutlery with a logo or text. Pricing starts from only $5, and completely free with any order over $200!

For a Waste-free Future

At GemEco, it all starts with a vision: to create a more sustainable place for its inhabitants. Do you know that 10 MILLIONS TONS of plastics are dumped into our oceans every year? Immediate action needs to be taken before it’s all too late.

That’s why the GemEco brand is created, to promote the use of compostable wood as a substitute for plastic. We believe that the best way to make environmental change happen is through the goods that people buy and use every day. 30% of our profits goes straight to environmental profits to help ensure a waste-free future.

You are helping millions of people with access to clean water and fresh air, a beautiful green - clean - beautiful environment just by using our products. Thanks!

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People Usually Ask

1. Are the cutlery easy to break?

We use high-quality birchwood as the raw material and follow a strict production and testing process so that our products can be toughest as possible.

2. Can I wash and reuse them?

Wood cutlery is quite porous and absorbent, so I recommend reusing 3 times at max.

3. What other wooden products are compostable?

We have a wide range of kitchen products like tray, brush, cutting board, spatula and so on. You can exchange for a new one after using them, and we’ll recycle the previous one for you, free of charge!

4. Has your company been certified?

Yes, and by multiple nonprofits. We are FSC, SGS, and BRC Certified.

5. How long does delivery usually take?

Nationwide delivery usually takes around 3-5 business days. We will provide you with a tracking number for you to stay updated with the delivery.

6. Are there any extra materials in the cutlery?

Our cutlery is made from birchwood and fillers like polypropylene and talc.

7. Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Of course! We use recycled paper boxes for packaging to leave the smallest amount of carbon footprint as possible.

8. Where are your products manufactured?

Our manufacturing factory is based in California, USA.

9: What are the dimensions of the cutlery set?

Every piece of our cutlery is 22.0cm / 8.7" in length.

10: How does FSC differ from normal logging?

The FSC has strict requirements and processes to certify a manufacturer. Together, we are bringing values to all stakeholders: the environment, the people and the business.

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